MIA Graphic Design students won Angpow Design Competition

          MIA Graphic Design student – Chan Ruii, a talented individual with a creative flair and a passion for design, has recently achieved a remarkable feat that deserves recognition and celebration. Ruii’s exceptional skills and artistic sensibilities have earned her the distinguished honor of securing the coveted 3rd prize in the […]

7th Vietnam International Choir Competition on April 2-6 in Hoi An

  We are thrilled to share with you the outstanding achievements of our students who participated in the 7th Vietnam International Choir Competition on April 2-6 in Hoi An. We are delighted to announce that both the MIA Ladies Chorus and Men’s Chorus have achieved the Golden Diploma Level V Award, which is an exceptional […]

Adventure of the VI-KINGS MIA Illustration Diploma Show 2023

          The VI-kings represents the 6 recent Illustration graduates who are participating in this Diploma Showcase. ‘VI’ is the Roman numeral of number ‘6’, thus, the graduates named themselves as ‘VI’-kings, the ‘6’ kings. In this Diploma Show, the graduates feature their series of illustration works which they have created, developed, […]

Top 30 Finalists ACP Design Competition 2023

          Three students from Illustration Department, Leong Qin Yu, Ooi Jia Hui and Pang Yee Wei have made it to the Top 30 Finalists in ACP Design Competition 2023. ACP (Adobe Certified Professional) Malaysia National Championship 2023 sets a platform for students whose major is in Art & Design to showcase […]

THE LINC KL Rabbit Lantern Design Contest 2023

          The Illustration Department student, Lee Horng Rui won the 1st prize in The LINC KL Rabbit Lantern Design Contest 2023. LINC KL is a shopping mall that constantly supports local brands and talented local entrepreneurs, artists and designers.

Young Art Entrepreneurs! (YAE!) Showcase 2023

          Illustration graduate Leong Sok Yeng was selected for Young Art Entrepreneurs (YAE!) 2023 and attended a presentation at GMBB Kuala Lumpur in February 2023. YAE! is a programme offered to young artists to equip them with knowledge and skills to succeed in business. By deepening their understanding on various aspects […]

Totem Fest Exhibition ‘Mandraguna’ organized by UBM (University Bunda Mulia), Jakarta

          The Illustration Department was invited by UBM, Jakarta to participate in the exhibition ‘Mandraguna’ in 2023 with the theme of ‘Local Culture’. Three outstanding graduates, Karina Nairi Binti Zaidi, Lim Jing Ming and Parrmita A/P Gunalan, were selected to present their cultural-related illustrations for this exhibition. Totem Fest is created […]

BOOM ZOOM ROOM Visual Art Showcase

          3 young creatives from Illustration Department; Ellen Ang, Karina Nayli and Ya Hui Yee participated in the ‘BOOM ZOOM ROOM’ held at INK at APW Bangsar. BOOM ZOOM ROOM is a visual art showcase featuring a diverse collection of artists and creatives across artistic practices including visual arts, photography, theatre, […]

Student Kancil x sCoolers 2022 (Petronas Kancil Awards 2022)

          Illustration Department students Ellen Ang Sook Queen, Karina Nayli binti Zaidi and Lim Jing Ming have won the Student Kancil Awards 2022. Kancil Awards is acknowledged as Malaysia’s largest, most prestigious advertising awards competition. It has been on since 1978. The Student Kancil x sCooler Awards is open to all […]
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