Victory in TNB Reimagining the Future Competition

Interior Design students Go Jing Jie, Lee Xin Yuan, Salehah Athar Bt Ghulam Nabi Athar and Eunice Lim Zejuen, collectively known as Team To-Gather, won the 1st Prize in the TNB Reimagining the Future competition. Organized by ‘Youth Today’ in collaboration with Tenaga Nasional Berhad, this competition featured participants from eight universities, including UCSI, UM, UTAR, UiTM, UNITEN, MMU and INTI. Over a two-week period, competitors attended workshops and talks, culminating in the creation of showpieces from recycled materials. Team To-Gather’s winning piece, “Am-pli-Fly,” was exhibited by TNB in May 2024.

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