Club & Societies

At MIA, we offer a variety of clubs and societies that play a crucial role in helping students develop their talents and skills. They also provide opportunities for positive social interactions among peers.


Academic Clubs and Societies

Academic clubs and societies at MIA enhance students’ college experience by complementing their academic programs. These clubs are aligned with the Institute’s offerings and provide opportunities for students to expand their networks within their majors, gaining subject matter expertise. They also foster strong mentorships and relationships among faculty and peers.

MIA hosts nine academic clubs and societies, each associated with its respective department: Certificate in Art and Design Society, Fine Art Society, Illustration Society, Industrial Design Society, Interior Design Society, Music Society, Textile & Fashion Design Society, Visual Communication Club, and Whao Studio. These clubs and societies regularly organize events such as Halloween Day, Cosplay, Pyjamas Party, and Welcoming Party, among others, enriching student life beyond the classroom.

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Non-academic Clubs and Societies

MIA also offers non-academic clubs such as the Badminton Club, English Society, Performing Arts Club, Photography Club, and more to come. These non-academic clubs play a pivotal role in fostering a sense of unity and teamwork among students, teaching them how to collaborate effectively towards common goals. They also contribute to the development of social skills and leadership qualities among learners.

Every activity organized by these clubs and societies encourages students to gain new perspectives on life. Some of the events that have been successfully organized include the Badminton Tournament, English Carnival, King of Masked Singer, My Bestie Day, and others. These events enrich the student experience at MIA by providing opportunities for personal growth, creativity, and community engagement beyond academic pursuits.

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