Counselling and Guidance Services

The Counselling and Guidance Service (CGS) aims to provide students with the emotional and psychological support whenever they need it.
CGS offers a service which is free, confidential, and available to all MIA students.

Our Counsellor

Suriya Liew Wai Yoon K.B., P.A.
Student Counsellor

Ms. Suriya Liew is a registered and licensed counsellor. She has been working with teenagers and young adult for ten years. Her passion is in helping people to find love and peace in themselves and in their relationships with others. She will be providing the counselling and guidance services in MIA on every Wednesday,
10am – 4pm.

Our Services

blank  Individual Counselling
There can be times when you find it difficult to cope or are unsure about things and would like to talk to someone in confidence. Our professionally trained counsellor provides free, confidential individual counselling sessions.


blank  Couple Counselling
Many couples experience times where there is stress in their relationship and they feel disconnected from each other and unsure about their future. Couple counselling can help you to improve your communication skills and to find healthier ways of supporting each other, both in good times and difficult times.


blank  Tea Gatherings
This is a get- together tea session with the freshmen. The freshmen can get to know the counsellor and enjoy each other presence in a soothing atmosphere. They can relax themselves and share about anything they wish.


blank  Workshops / Training

Various personal growth workshops have been organized to enhance students’ well-being. These included:

  • Stress Management Workshop
  • Yoga Workshop
  • Clay Therapy Workshop
  • Making Your Dreams Come True Workshop
  • Self Esteem Workshop


blank  Peer Support Group
This programme is designed to train a group of students with basic counselling skills and emotion management skills.
The trained students can provide their listening-ears and care to their friends who are in need.
Let friends become the source of significant support for MIA students.


How to Make an Appointment

To make an appointment, please contact Student Affairs Department ahead of time.
Tel: 03-41088100 ext. 22

Download Our Counselling Brochure HERE

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