Counselling and Guidance Services

What is counselling and guidance services? (CGS)

The counselling and guidance services (CGS) are designed to provide students to overcome obstacles, improve your well-being, and achieve your personal goals.
CGS offers a service which is free, confidential and available to all students.

Our Counsellor








Leong Kah Man K.B., P.A.

Ms. Leong Kah Man, a registered and licensed counselor specializing in academic stress, emotional challenges, mental health issues, and peer relationships. With a client-centered approach, Ms. Leong collaborates closely with individuals to develop essential life skills for lasting improvement. Flexible counseling hours from Monday to Saturday ensure accessible support for your needs.

Our Services

blank  Individual Counselling
Personalized sessions tailored to your goals and challenges in a confidential setting. Ideal for stress management, life changes, mental health improvement and others.


blank  Group Counselling
Small, supportive sessions (2-4 people) for shared experiences, social skill development, and mutual encouragement.”


blank  Workshops / Awareness Talk

A variety of workshops aimed at supporting students with different needs and interests, providing them with valuable support and guidance. For example:

  • Stress Management workshop
  • Emotion management workshop
  • Communication skills workshop
  • Self-esteem workshop
  • Others
blank  Peer Support Group
This programme is designed to train a group of students with basic counselling skills and emotion management skills. The trained students can provide their listening-ears and care to their friend who are in need.
Let friends become the source of significant support for MIA students.

How to Make an Appointment

To schedule an appointment, please contact the Student Affairs Department at the following numbers:
Tel: 03-41088100 ext. 22(student affairs) or 03-41088100 ext 15 (counsellor)

Download Our Counselling Brochure HERE

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