Library & Computer Labs


MIA has one of the biggest and most comprehensive art and design resources and references in this region. Our library has over 20,000 books with genres ranging from art and design to philosophy and psychology; social sciences to religion; geography and history to language, and many more. We have more than 1,000 local and international magazines as well as local newspapers and our library also features monthly publications by professional designers.


We aim to provide the students with resources that will assist them in their research and references for assignments, at the same time, to encourage them to read and obtain vast knowledge on different subjects and interests. Our library is open to public for research and reference purposes. Our staff members may also register with the library for undertaking of research projects.

MIA Internal e-library (links)

External e-library (links)

Library Operating Hours:
Monday to Friday

0900 to 1730


0900 to 1300

Sunday & Public Holiday



Computer Lab

MIA Computer Lab is equipped with the most advanced iMAC with the latest Adobe CS software and PCs with a range of the latest software such as Autodesk, 3D Max Studio, Microsoft Office and so on. The software are constantly updated and all the computers are well maintained by our in-house technician. Our computer lab is also equipped with Colour, Black & White laser printers and scanners as part of the facilities provided to the staff and students for teaching and learning purposes.


MIA studios and classrooms are installed with plasma TV sets and LCD projectors to facilitate teaching and learning using computer technology.
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