MAGNIFICENT – A Virtual Fundraising Art Exhibition for Covid-19 Frontliners

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The Fine Art Department had organized a virtual art exhibition to raise funds for Medical Relief Society Malaysia (MERCY Malaysia). The initiative which is supported by Balai Seni Negara comes with the theme “COVID-19 / Appreciation for the Malaysian Frontliners”. MIA is expressing its solidarity with the frontliners by donating 90% of the proceeds to MERCY Malaysia. The virtual art exhibition showcased 19 artworks from 19 artists consisting of MIA Fine Art lecturers, students as well as alumni. Samsudin Wahab, Haslin Ismail, Faizal Suhif as well as Liu Cheng Hua, who are prolific artists and MIA lecturers, showcased artworks which have social commentary elements. MIA alumni such as Stephen Menon highlighted the theme through silk screen print medium while Foong Yeng Yen, Nooy Xin Yen, Aina Kurshiah and Yong Hui Lin expressed the theme through their paintings. The young artists line-up consisting of final year students – Tan Zu Wen, Lim Xiao Mun, Chuah Hooi Ming, Tan Hong Jie, Danielle Lin Xuan-En, Lim Tong Xin, Seow Fei Ding, Lim Soon Hock, Aishath Yala and Isabel Yap Ye Ern contributed to the cause through their creative talents.

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