Mr Go Cinema Display Competition

Foundation students Yang Will Win, Yik Sook Wei, Poon Kah Wai, Liew Zi Ling, Chia Main Dee, Lim Ling Li and Toh Jing Wei won the Grand Prize in the Mr Go Cinema Display Competition organized by GSC Movies in collaboration with MIA. They won RM1500 cash prize and certificate. 1st prize winners were Lee Kah Chun, Kong Mun Chun, Alisa Low, Chin Chai Sin, Huan Jia Jin, Siew Yuen Teng, Lim Tze Theng, and Chan Ming Chang. They won RM1000 cash prize and certificate. 2nd prize winners were Toh Zhin Yuan, How Jie Yi, Hong Xue Xin, Leow Wan Long, Mahendaran Rajendren, Sing Tien Shung, Lai Chun Kit and Teng Bo Yang. They won RM500 cash prize and certificate.
Grand prize winners with their winning sculpture.

1st prize winners posing with their Mr Go sculpture.

2nd prize winners with their Mr Go sculpture.

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