Figure & Portrait Drawing


Saturday (twice times per month) 


10:00 am to 1.00 pm 

Total lesson  

To be confirmed 


To be confirmed 


For beginner 


Welcome to the amazing world of miniature art where you will create realistic looking, cute little miniatures which can be used as showpieces, collectibles and so on. Indulge your creativity within the world of miniatures and create a stunning miniature veggie stall. Using a variety of techniques and materials, learn how to create this unique veggie stall setting plus contents, all with a hint of age and realism. Explore this world of miniature crafting and gift yourself an amazing art form.  

You will learn and customize the market scene, build cart, carton boxes, wooden trays and so on Experience the fun in sculpting miniature clay of veggie stall with over 20 different kinds of vegetables. The course will be taught from the basics, so anyone with the interest could join and learn this fantastic art of miniature. 


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