Japanese Stab Binding – Hemp-Leaf Pattern Workshop


To be confirmed. 




9.30 am to 12 noon 




Come and join us for this workshop. Attendees will learn the traditional Japanese stab-binding sewing patterns-hemp leaf. You will learn to use different tools and material to make a fabric wrapped cover from a selection of fabric. Know the tip on precise hold-punch technique and hand binds the book. In addition, you will be inspired with ideas to incorporate small accessories to create a personalize design. At the end of the workshop, you can bring home your proud creations of Hemp-Leaf bound book. Beginners are welcome and all materials will be provided.  


About the Instructor: 

A proud graduate of MIA Graphic Design program, Yann built her career in advertising industry as Art Director for over x years before transforming her artistic career into fine arts as a full time artist. Beyond her talent in painting, Yann took interest in learning various forms of needlework and craft techniques. Her strengths come from her ability in combining her multifaceted artistries into bookbinding, leather and fabric craftworks. 


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