“Dreams of a Thousand Dimensions” Exhibition

Join us at the “Dreams of a Thousand Dimensions” exhibition, where 19 talented students from the Beijing Central Academy of Fine Arts will dazzle you with their creative prowess. These young artists hail from various departments, bringing their unique perspectives to life through a wide array of art forms, including oil painting, printmaking, sculpture, and mural painting.
This exhibition is a window into the ever-evolving world of contemporary art, featuring a blend of realism, expressionism, abstraction, and conceptual art. Through their work, these students showcase their independent thinking and their take on contemporary issues.
“Dreams of a Thousand Dimensions” is a reminder that art is a dynamic force that mirrors society and its zeitgeist. These young artists tackle modern challenges with open minds and unique artistic visions, conveying their beliefs, dreams, and ideas in a language all their own.
Beyond being a display of art, this exhibition is a platform for connecting institutions and fostering artistic collaboration. It’s a celebration of the multidimensional, open, and vibrant dreams of art, inviting you to ponder the intricate relationship between art and society, inspiring creativity and a glimpse into the future.
Don’t miss this chance to witness the dreams and creativity of the younger generation of artists as they respond to the ever-changing world. “Dreams of a Thousand Dimensions” embodies the diverse artistic practices of Central Academy of Fine Arts students and paints a captivating artistic landscape.
The grand opening takes place on October 21st at 1:00 p.m. This exhibition promises to be a fusion of diverse art forms, from traditional painting to contemporary installation art, from realism to conceptual art, showcasing the boundless possibilities of art. See you there!
Exhibition Info:
Date: 9-28 October 2023
Time: Monday- Friday 10:00 am-5:30 pm
          Saturday 1o:00am- 1:00 pm
          Public holiday closed.
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