Do you like to create characters, illustrating a story or an idea?

The Illustration course is to train creative illustrators who are able to perform creatively and effectively in the practice of illustration. The course emphasizes both manual and digital expression skills. Students will begin with observational studies, and then gradually moving towards ideas and concepts development; with the exploration of various media in illustration and advertising related drawings and paintings, the course will also take advantage of the computer aided design software and use it to further enhance the quality of creative illustration.

The course will reinforce the importance of research, investigation and experimentation in the process of image making to provide a focus on the problem solving. The area of illustration studies ranges from realistic, analytical and interpretative to expressive approaches. The students will also learn general graphic design, typography, photography, computer graphics, desktop publishing design and so on.


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Diploma in Illustration
Our course provided industry-relevant curriculums; an integrated, cross-disciplinary approach that prepares students who are working within the creative industries across a diverse range of disciplines.
1st Year
Malaysian Studies 2 or
Bahasa Melayu Komunikasi
Art & Design Fundamentals
3 Dimensional Studies
Graphic Design 1
Painting 1
Drawing 1
History of Art 1
Bahasa Kebangsaan A or
Writing Skills
Illustration 1
Painting & Drawing
Graphic Design 2
Typography 1
History of Graphic Design
Digital Imaging & text 1
2nd Year
Communication Ethic
Illustration 2
Life Drawing 1
Graphic Design 3
Digital Imaging & text 2
Photography 1

Project Paper
Illustration 3
Life Drawing 2
Basic Advertising & Marketing
Interactive & Moving Images 1
3rd Year
Illustration 4
Interactive & Moving Images 2
3-D Modelling
Industrial Training

Illustration 5
Professional Business Practice
Life in MIA
Campus Life
MIA is a community of lively young artists in the making. At MIA, students will find themselves experiencing and exploring new creative forms, expressions of various kind of arts and skills that will contribute to their future careers. To enhance the live and learn experience, we provide an ideal hands-on learning environment, classrooms and facilities for our students as well as living facilities closer to campus. We house our students at hostels and apartment units which is walking distance to the campus. This will reduce the cost of transportation and save commuting time. With students staying nearby, it is also more convenient for them to utilize campus facilities and get together for group projects. With the growing numbers of amenities around the campus and an upcoming mall, MIA is located in an area where students can truly live and learn to the fullest. stage. These are the benefits of studying in MIA, and I am proud to be the alumni of this great college.”


Illustrator for
- Publisher, Print Media / Online Media
- Animation Studio
- Motion Picture / Film and Television
- Advertising / Design Agency
- Commercial Production Company

Graphic Designer
Gallery Assistant
Theater Backdrop / Mural Designer
Content Image