Do you like to design the next future car concept?

The Industrial Design course begins with a grounding in design fundamentals, and later focuses on the study of aesthetics, functions, use of materials and manufacturing processes.

Industrial Design students will have the opportunity to develop innovative designs for human needs and improve the quality of living. This course emphasizes hands-on skills and methods for solving design problems. Our students will be trained in various aspects of design, from original ideas to building 3-D prototypes while learning the manufacturing processes and marketing strategies. Design projects cover areas such as consumer goods, leisure and sporting equipment, workshop machinery and hardware, medical and educational equipment, products for disabled people, electronics and design for transportation.


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1st Year
Pengajian Malaysia
Bahasa Melayu Komunikasi 1
Art & Design Fundamentals
3 Dimensional Studies
Painting 1
Drawing 1
History of Art 1
Bahasa Kebangsaan A
Writing Skills
Industrial Design 1
Engineering Drawing 1
History of Graphic Design
Workshop Practice
Presentation Techniques
2nd Year
Communication Ethic
Industrial Design 2
Computer Aided Design
Materials & Processes
Project Work
Industrial Design 3
CAD Modeling
Design Methodology
Marketing & Management
Digital Imaging
3rd Year
Industrial Design 4
CAD Visualization
Furniture Study
Packaging Design
Industrial Training
Industrial Design 5
Professional Practice
Final Project Analysis
Life in MIA
Campus Life
MIA is a community of lively young artists in the making. At MIA, students will find themselves experiencing and exploring new creative forms, expressions of various kind of arts and skills that will contribute to their future careers. To enhance the live and learn experience, we provide an ideal hands-on learning environment, classrooms and facilities for our students as well as living facilities closer to campus. We house our students at hostels and apartment units which is walking distance to the campus. This will reduce the cost of transportation and save commuting time. With students staying nearby, it is also more convenient for them to utilize campus facilities and get together for group projects. With the growing numbers of amenities around the campus and an upcoming mall, MIA is located in an area where students can truly live and learn to the fullest. stage. These are the benefits of studying in MIA, and I am proud to be the alumni of this great college.”


Furniture Designer
Kitchen System Designer
Wood-Base Product Designer
Metal-Base Product Designer
3-Dimensional Designer
Office System Designer
Plastic-Base Product Designer
Display & Exhibition System Designer
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