Ms. Suriya Liew is a registered and licensed counsellor. She has been working with teenagers and young adult for ten years. Her passion is in helping people to find love and peace in themselves and in their relationships with others. She will be providing the counselling and guidance services in MIA on every Tuesday, 10am-4pm.

  Clay Therapy Workshop

Participants will use clay as a medium to transform their deepest fear by tapping into their innate resources. They will feel more empowered and confident to face challenges in life.

  Peer Support Group

This programme is designed to train a group of students with basic counselling skills and emotion management skills.
The trained students can provide their listening-ears and care to their friends who are in need.
Let friends become the source of significant support for MIA students.

  Make an appointment

To make an appointment, please contact Student Affairs Department ahead of time.
Tel: 03-41088100 ext. 22